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English Scones

English Scones


Served fresh and warm from the oven with butter, jam and cream. All that’s left to debate is, is it cream then jam, or jam then cream? You can debate that while eating these beauts.

Pre heat your oven to 180 / gas 5
You will need a couple of lined (baking parchment is perfect) flat baking trays for the scones to go on, a bowl for mixing and a measuring jug.


450g self raising flour
100g softened butter – I chop mine up
50g caster sugar
2 tsp baking powder
2 large eggs
A touch of milk

You can also add currents to the recipe too, or sultanas to make these fruity.


Mix the sugar, baking powder and flour together in a large bowl
Add in the butter and crumb (rub between your finger tips until it has the consistency of breadcrumbs)
In the jug, crack the eggs and add milk to 275ml
Add approx 75% the milk and egg into the crumbed mixture and mix until it starts to come together. (use the other 25% to add or not add, depending if the mixture is coming together nicer)
Tip out onto a floured surface and knead for a couple of minutes
Roll out to around 2.5cm thick.
Using a medium round cutter (I like a fancy edge!), get as many circles as you can, before re-kneading, rolling and cutting until there is no more dough left

Place on a baking tray, evenly spread out, brushing the top with milk (or any of the left over egg/milk mixture)
You can sprinkle some sugar on top at this point too – I like a Demerara myself!

Pop into the preheated oven for approx 15 minutes, checking after ten. They should be lovely and golden brown on top with a nice rise.

Cool on a wire rack, enjoy while still warm.

Note – scones are ideal to freeze once cool to be saved for another day!


The First Cake…

The First Cake…

So, I had decided that I would make a cake for my sister in law, Victoria’s, baby shower. I had never made a cake that was covered in fondant before. I mean, I had covered and decorated with chocolate, buttons and sweets etc, but never anything to do with rolled out icing. So, as you can see, it not a terrible first attempt! Mainly down to my friend Katherine being super patient with me!

It was just a little 2 layer vanilla sponge, but it felt like I was making a wedding cake. As you can probably tell, I had just bought the basics and borrowed lots too. I didn’t really have a clue. I had done a little googling but that was about as much as I knew.

It was a labour of love. Those little chicks made me feel so happy. Daft isn’t it!

Anyway, cake made, decorations made, fast forward and voila. Here we go. It has taken a lot of practice, a lot of research and practice, but here we are! 5 years later….

Note the many mugs on the side…. they were all required, filled with tea, the whole time I was baking. Oh, and maybe the glass of red too….