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The First Cake…

So, I had decided that I would make a cake for my sister in law, Victoria’s, baby shower. I had never made a cake that was covered in fondant before. I mean, I had covered and decorated with chocolate, buttons and sweets etc, but never anything to do with rolled out icing. So, as you can see, it not a terrible first attempt! Mainly down to my friend Katherine being super patient with me!

It was just a little 2 layer vanilla sponge, but it felt like I was making a wedding cake. As you can probably tell, I had just bought the basics and borrowed lots too. I didn’t really have a clue. I had done a little googling but that was about as much as I knew.

It was a labour of love. Those little chicks made me feel so happy. Daft isn’t it!

Anyway, cake made, decorations made, fast forward and voila. Here we go. It has taken a lot of practice, a lot of research and practice, but here we are! 5 years later….

Note the many mugs on the side…. they were all required, filled with tea, the whole time I was baking. Oh, and maybe the glass of red too….

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