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How I got here…

So, after the tears and tantrums about the first cake, I just carried on baking. Baking all sorts. Cupcakes, learning to ice them, cakes covered in Cadburys Chocolate Fingers round the edges made me feel like I was doing a grand job!
The next cake I made was for Samuels 2nd Birthday. He was all about Ra Ra the Lion (think that was his name – with not having kids i’m not totally sure thats him!?)
Ra Ra was making me Ra-Ra-ge with anger!

It took me ages to make him. His bone structure was that of cocktail sticks and tears, gluing him together. His mane wouldn’t attach properly and you can see a stick popping out of his chin! I followed steps from a book I had bought on how to make different animals. Basically they all sort of start the same. Various different sized balls of fondant, pear shape for the body, round for the head, longer for legs and arms. I kind of think once you have mastered one you can do any moving forward….Well, we will see as I have a unicorn to make next week – I will put that in to practice and see how she turns out!

I can remember making him sat in my parents dining room. My mother telling me not to drop anything on her carpet and I was using a Marks & Sparks place mat as a board. That photo above was taken in said dining room. Good colour carpet to be making a green cake on!

Not as easy as he looks!

I was just praying that the cocktail sticks kept him together!!

So, there you have it. He took hours, I put all my faith in the cocktail sticks and prayed that he would work. Mainly that his mane would stay in place!

So, whatever you are making, however rubbish you think it is, the only way is up. So keep practicing and let your passion shine through.

On that note…. time to look at some unicorn pictures!!

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