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Practice Makes Perfect!

So, the only way that you get better is through practice. Ive had cakes fall off my work surface, I have had them crack and ones that won’t set. Perfectly followed recipes that sink in the middle and once, i managed to forget the yoghurt in a Bundt cake. It’s dire, but you just have to bake another one.

Branching Out

I did my first ever stall at a local Christmas Fair in December 2019. I was really nervous. As you can possibly tell, I made a lot… I didn’t actually sell out. The left overs I took to St Georges Crypt in Leeds. (A homeless shelter for anyone not familiar with what it is. I also got a marriage proposal based on the deliciousness of my ginger flapjack)

So yes, back to the point. I made far too much. I didn’t know what to make to be honest. I did all sorts.

* Flapjacks
* Brownies
* Tiffin
* Range of Cupcakes
* Banana Cakes
* Caramel Jars
* Christmas Chocolate Cake

Luckily I had a friend with me (Thanks Helen!) to keep me sane and who also is far more intelligent than me, who decided to keep a tab of everything we sold, so now I can see from that one stall which are best-sellers. What to make and not make for the next one. Ive just booked another one for July and am taking part in a wedding fair on Sunday! (you can click here for links to my events) you know, if you want to keep up to date that is!

I also did a wedding fair, which was a wonderful experience. I showcased a lovely tall flowered cake and took some individual samples of cake flavours that visitors could take home with them. I think that this really made a difference to what I was doing. It meant that they were able to go home and try the cakes with a lovely brew, not eat, go and forget what they had had. It was great to talk to couples about to marry about their cake designs and what they would like. I was so fortunate to take 2 bookings from that. Both being really exciting and interesting cakes. No boring white, we are talking superheroes, logos, exciting things. I think the days of classic white iced fruit cakes are numbered. People want flavours and colours and personality showing though their cakes! And for that reason, i love them!

So all it is really, is practice, practice, practice. And thats where hobbies become passions, and passions become businesses. I don’t know what will happen in the future, I have big dreams, but for now I am just going to carry on practicing and making more amazing cakes – all which you can find on my instagram feed (click here to see the latest!)

Happy Baking!
J x

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